DRK & Sons LLC

DRK & Sons has 18 years experience in residential concrete installation and renovation. DRK & Sons focuses on serving homeowners in central, southern and some sections of northern New Jersey directly, without any middle man.

Stamped Concrete Planning Process

A company representative begins each job with a homeowners meeting to help them plan the scope and type of work as well as select the design and colors of the materials. The company representative explains the work process, answers questions, researches whether any local government permits or approvals are required, and asks homeowners if they wish to obtain the permits themselves or if they want DRK & Sons to do so for them.

Concrete Services

Among the many services DRK & Sons offers is installing stamped concrete, which is concrete in various colors with imprinted patterns. The company also reseals existing stamped concrete.

While DRK & Sons specializes in stamped concrete, our other concrete work includes driveways, walkways, patio construction, pool decks or expansion, paving stones, seating walls, retaining walls, decorative concrete, decorative resurfacing of existing concrete and any necessary drainage work.

Customer Service Mission

DRK & Sons will strive for an unparalleled reputation for consistent customer satisfaction by communicating and planning with each customer to determine their specific needs, offering advice, and obtaining any necessary local government approvals or permits. The high level of communication, planning, and customer service, along with top-notch workmanship, produces stunning, long-lasting results.

DRK & Sons does not “oversell” in that it does not sell more than what homeowners need. The company is committed to the highest quality workmanship, efficiency, and reliability, including returning phone calls promptly, starting work on time, staying in touch with customers and finishing the work in an efficient, timely manner. DRK & Sons’s goal is doing the right thing and providing customer satisfaction, please view our testimonials page and our case studies page that outlines some problems that we've helped resolve.