DRK & Sons LLC

DRK & Sons LLC shares some case studies identifying the types of work we do as well as how we resolve some landscape issues.

Hurricane Sandy Project

We were contracted to install a new grade beam and foundation for a house elevation in Ortley Beach, NJ. The house had an existing fire place that the homeowners wanted to keep intact and not rebuild. Knowing full well the difficulty in building up to an existing fire place is we took it on and assured the homeowner that the fireplace and hearth would remain intact. The house raising company being professional and experienced supported the fireplace and left it supported until we could build up to it with a new concrete foundation and block wall. The house was lowered to within 2 inches of the top of new foundation which made the final rebuild process simple. Any cracking or settling of an existing fireplace can result in devastating results. Experience, workmanship and planning are necessities in a project such as this.
Ortley Beach, NJ

Pool Deck Request - Resolve Drainage Issue

Request: DRK & Sons was contacted by a customer who needed a concrete pool deck installed around their existing pool. We were happy to do this deck job since we are experienced in doing this type of work.

Issue Identified: The height of the pool was set at the same height of their back door threshold and their backyard was lower then the surrounding roads and neighbors' property. This would pose a certain drainage problems as rain water would automatically gather in their yard especially around their pool and back door.

Solution: So we devised a drainage plan to divert most of the water to the front yard and to connect with a neighbors' drainage pipe. So with the proper materials and pitch we alleviated their water headache and now they have a dry backyard. - Aberdeen, NJ

Pool Deck Request - Attention To Detail

Request: This past summer DRK & Sons was called to give an estimate for a new pool deck. The customer was happy about the pace of the pool construction, but not the way the pool deck contractor was treating them. Most in-ground pool companies provide their own concrete mason and customers can feel obliged to use those contractors even though they don't have to. So when DRK & Sons met with customers to go over their desired lay-out and colors, DRK's patience and attention to detail helped put the customers at ease and a beautiful stamped concrete pool deck was installed.
DRK & Sons understands that when customers are getting projects done at their homes it can be a trying and sometimes overwhelming experience for we at DRK & Sons are homeowners also. It is because of this understanding and empathy that we provide our customers with the utmost patience and respect , in addition to the highest quality of work , hence making the overall experience calm and pleasurable.
Freehold, NJ

Patio Slipping Away

Request: The homeowners' existing patio was sliding away from their home and down onto an existing retaining wall. The homeowner said he bought the house with the retaining wall and patio already installed.

Issue Identified: After some discussion and close observation we realized there wasn't proper drainage behind the retaining wall so erosion was taking place which was causing the existing patio to slide away.

Solution: We excavated their old patio, placed the proper drainage behind the retaining wall, and poured them a beautiful stamped concrete patio. Problem solved. - Middletown , NJ

How To Avoid Color Problems with Chipped Color Concrete

Request: These customers in the Trenton New Jersey area were interested in stamped concrete, but had reservations about it because of potential problems with the coloring process. Their friend had a stamped concrete pool deck in which the concrete had some chips in it, which may occur over time, and the chips exposed the white of the concrete which created a blotchy look with their existing color.

Issue Identified: The problem was the tinting process their neighbor's contractor had used. Sometimes the tint of the concrete is trowelled in the concrete by hand which in effect only goes on the surface of the concrete. When the concrete gets chipped you see the cement.

Solution: So I explained to the customer that DRK & Sons LLC used a liquid tinting process whereas we add the tint to the concrete and it is mixed all the way through. So if a chip occurs over the life of the concrete it is hardly noticeable.

Installing a Pool Deck with a Hot Tub To Be Installed

Request: Some customers in the Freehold, New Jersey area wanted concrete installed around their in-ground pool. They were also going to install a hot-tub atop their pool deck.

Issue Identified: When forming for a pool deck the concrete must be pitched away from the pool. However, when installing a hot-tub or Jacuzzi the concrete should be level.

Solution: In order to avoid a potential water problem with their hot-tub, we pitched the water away from the pool and created with a so-called aqueduct system in the concrete to divert the water away form the leveled area for the hot-tub. The water is pitched away in what we call valleys that are there, but are hardly noticeable to the naked eye.

Removing Pooling Water from a Driveway

We contracted a stamped concrete driveway in Wall, NJ. The existing driveway was asphalt which we excavated and removed from the premises. The problem the homeowners' had was the pooling of water in front of their garage doors after a rainfall. It created an inconvenience getting in and out of their vehicles and ice would build up in the winter months. We explained to them that this occurs with asphalt over time due to the settling and movement and also the conformity of the asphalt to their driving and parking patterns on the asphalt, especially in the warmer months. What we did to eliminate the water problem was to properly pitch the water away from the garage into an aquaduct or "valley" formed with the concrete. The water was then directed to a trough drainage system we installed and connected to an existing 4" PVC drain which carried the water to a drainage pond on the property. The homeowners were pleased with the results and said they would gladly pass our name to friends and neighbors in the Wall/Belmar area.

Pool Deck Request - Water/Moisture Issue

Request: DRK & Sons was called for an appointment regarding stamped concrete patio. During the presentation the customer mentioned a leak and water problem in their basement. There was water coming through the concrete foundation wall. The wall was solid concrete and not a block foundation wall. It appeared the water was coming through the wall at the location of main sewer and water lines. So DRK & Sons excavated the section of the foundation around the water and sewer lines. The exposed wall was cleaned and water-proofed with foundation tar. The problem was the rain water was building up and coming in the house between the concrete wall and pipe sleeves. The leaked was stopped. As a precaution the concrete basement walls were also painted with concrete/masonry paint called Dry-lock to help keep moisture out, which is highly recommended.
Toms River, NJ